Institute Administration
  • Dr. Mohammad Jamil Sawar

  • Col. Muhammad Ashraf
    G.M Administration and Marketing

  • Mrs. Salma  Ashraf
    Head of Department (Management Sciences)

  • Dr. Umair Abdullah
    Deputy Director QEC and Research

  • Mr. Ikram Afzal
    Deputy Director Academics and Administration

  • Mr. Muhammad Asif
    Assistant Director Research

  • Dr. Munir Ahmed
    Assistant Director Extra-curricular Activities

  • Mr. Muhammad Ayub
    Assistant Director Finance

  • Mrs. Sumera Asad
    Assistant Director Admin

  • Mr. Syed Naazir Abbas Kazmi
    Senior Manager Administration

  • Mr. Muhammad Ihsan
    Manager Administration

  • Mrs. Nadia Arif
    Manager Administration

  • Mr. Aqeel Ahmed
    Manager Accounts

  • Mr. Mutayyab Shakaib
    Accounts Officer

  • Mr. Fuzail-ur-Rehman
    Data Cell Officer

  • Mr. Muhammad Usman
    Data Cell Officer

  • Mr. Muhammad Shaukat
    Admin Supervisor

  • Mrs. Beenish Abbasi
    Admin Officer


       IT Services section
  • Mr. Sajjad Mehmood
    Lab and Network Administrator

  • Mr. Waqar Qaiser
    Lab Assistant

  • Syed Wajahat Ali Shah
    Lab Assistant

  • Mr. Tahir
    Lab Assistant

        Web Administration

  • Mr. Muhammad Asif
    Assistant Professor
    Web Master / Web Administrator

        Software Engineer

  • Ms. Asia Kausar
    Software Engineer


  • Mrs. Bushra Ali

  • Mr. Nadeem Akhter

  • Mr. Anar Khan
    Assistant Librarian