Pakistan Day Celebration

Pakistan Day is a significant occasion for nations worldwide, marking the commemoration of freedom achieved through unwavering determination and sacrifice. On the 23rd of March, Barani Institute of Information Technology (BIIT) embraced this spirit of liberation with an inspiring celebration, showing patriotism and unity.

Early in the morning, the faculty & staff at BIIT gathered for a flag-raising ceremony. The Pakistani flag, with its green and white colours, was hoisted by Director BIIT, Dr Jamil Sawar. This showcased how proud BIIT is of Pakistan and the Pakistani community at large. The ceremony was a time to honour those who worked hard for Pakistan's freedom.

After the flag hoisting, BIIT faculty & staff had a cake cutting event in the main area. The cake was decorated with the Pakistani flag and other symbols representing Pakistan. It was a way for all of the members of BIIT—teachers and students—to come together and celebrate Pakistan Day.

One of the most significant parts of the celebration was when all of BIIT, faculty, staff & students alike got together to sing the national anthem together. It was quite empowering to hear each & every individual’s voices united. The anthem stands as a reminder of the struggles gone through to construct an independent Pakistan.

Pakistan Day is an important milestone as it helps each individual reflect on the past and contemplate about the future. BIIT wants to teach its students about being proud of Pakistan and working together for a better tomorrow.

By celebrating Pakistan Day, BIIT shows that it's not just about academics but also about making good citizens who love their country. Together, we can make Pakistan even stronger and better.