Palestine Day Celebration

BIIT (Barani Institute of Information Technology) decided to have a special day called "Palestine Day" on Monday, December 4th, 2023. They did this to show their support for the people of Palestine, who are facing a lot of difficulties.

On Palestine Day, students at BIIT gave speeches talking about how the Palestinian people are suffering. They said it's important for the world to pay attention and help them.

The director of BIIT, Dr. Jamil Sawar, also spoke. He said that BIIT will always support Palestine and its people. He wants them to have freedom and rights.

During the day, a famous poet named Dr. Munawar Hashmi wrote a special poem about Palestine. Everyone listened to it and felt moved by the words.

The day ended with a special gathering where people read Urdu poetry. It was a way to show that everyone at BIIT supports Palestine and wants to help.

BIIT's decision to have Palestine Day shows that they care about fairness and people's rights. They want to stand with Palestinians and help them through their hard times.

This action from BIIT is a sign of hope. It shows that anyone can help support the Palestinian cause and make a difference.