BIIT Convocation 2014

Barani Institute of Information Technology (BIIT) Faculty

UAAR University

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BIIT was established at University of Arid Agriculture after a long and deliberate consideration of the growing needs of software development and the initiative launched by Government of Pakistan. The institute was established as a partnership venture between the University of Arid Agriculture (UAAR) and M/S Resource Organizers and Software Engineers (ROSE) International...

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UAAR Pakistan is predominantly an agricultural country. However, since its independence in 1947, emphasis has been on irrigated agriculture, while the dry land/arid agriculture remained neglected. With rapid increase in population, the irrigated areas failed to provide food requirements and it became imperative to find out ways to make use of the huge part of cultivable land in the rain fed region..

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DreamTeam is a Software development and designing team established inside BIIT and started in 2014 by Mr. Ikram Afzal the assistant director of BIIT along with the telented and brilliant students of BIIT as team. This team motivated a number of students to be a part of this team by working and developing there selves extra-ordinarily...


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